Risk Management

Life is full of risks that can have a devastating financial impact if not planned for. There are risks to health, property, long term care needs, business, life, family, animals, investments, estate planning, etc. Risk Management is a process of identifying the various risks that your family or small business is subject to and making plans to address those risks.

Some forms of risks can be “retained” or absorbed by you, while other forms of risks are “transferred” to the insurance industry or other entities. Other forms of risk cannot be transferred but can be reduced. We help you identify these various risks and discuss possible options in addressing those risks. We can help you with some forms of risk and other forms of risk we outsource to other professionals. The primary forms of risk management that we can help you with include:

  • Risk of premature death
  • Risk of long term care needs
  • Risk of business continuity planning
  • Reducing market risk for investments

The forms of risk that we outsource to other professionals include:

  • Risk to property (home, auto, furnishing, art, jewelry, business property, etc.)
  • Risk to health
  • Risk to animals
  • Specialty risks (high risk behavior)

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