People Against Cancer

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Our Mission

This year over 1,500,000 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer and 750,000 will die. Cancer is now epidemic, yet little progress is being made by the medical establishment in preventing, diagnosing or treating most forms of the disease. Our mission is to find our members the best cancer treatment.

People Against Cancer is a grassroots, non-profit, member-supported, public benefit organization dedicated to “Finding our members the most effective treatment for their type of cancer.” We are a powerful group of people with cancer, their loved ones, and citizens working together to protect and enhance medical freedom of choice.

Through our Cancer Treatment Program we find our members the best cancer treatment. We also publish a Newsletter, Options: Revolutionary Ideas on The War on Cancer.

Our Programs

The Cancer Treatment Program

For our Sustaining Members, we offer The Cancer Treatment Program the goal of this program is to provide treatment options for people with cancer to find the right cancer treatment. Our aim is to answer the complex questions about treatment alternatives. What therapy might be best? What approach might offer the best chances for survival and quality of life? We have assembled a worldwide database of information on innovative physicians and treatment. We feel it is important to understand all options from conventional to alternatives in order for people to make truly informed decisions about treatment. We believe people with cancer have two very fundamental rights – the right to know and the right to choose.

The Cancer Prevention Program

We monitor the world literature to bring our members the latest information about cancer prevention and detection. We join with other activist groups toward a healthy environment by exposing and eliminating carcinogens in the food, water, air, and workplace. We work to promote healthy changes in lifestyle and provide the latest unbiased information on the role of diet and nutrition in cancer prevention.

World Headquarters – USA

604 East Street – P.O. Box 10
Otho, Iowa 50569 USA

Fax: 515-972-4415

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