Internal Wisdom

From Internal Wisdom's website we read....

Internal Wisdom is a collaborative and holistic, integrative health center located in Folsom, California an eastern suburb of Sacramento, California. Owned and founded in 2010 by Rachael Dardano, CHHP, Internal Wisdom both houses and collaborates to offer many different types of healing modalities not offered anywhere else.

Using some of the worlds most cutting-edge energetic, holistic, and supplemental technologies we can guide you to your optimal self. We are THE wellness center to help you. We utilize a brilliant new approach to true healthcare by bring balance to ALL systems of the body and helping you to develop the seeds of greatness within. We are dedicated to alleviating unnecessary suffering while generating smarter, healthier, and all around better, happier and fulfilled humans. Welcome to your Internal Wisdom.

Bob has known Rachael Dardano since about 2013 and has become a regular user of their services. 

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