Immune System Management

From the website of Immune System Management ( we read the following introductory remarks:

“Immune System Management Inc. (ISM®) is a clinical biotechnology company with research, development and application expertise in diagnostics and therapeutics focused upon immunological disorders.

ISM® has been a pioneer and leader in the development of orthomolecular therapeutics for cancer and chronic disease. Every element of the ISM® approach is based upon extensive and evolving laboratory and applied evidence. Contemporary scientific and medical knowledge and evidence has been integrated with our laboratory and clinical experience as we analyze and interpret data from thousands of ISM client profiles.

The ISM® program is designed to restore the natural defense mechanisms of the immune system, extending the client’s life or, at minimum, significantly improving quality of life. This bolsters the client’s own self-healing metabolic and immune system capacity while avoiding the toxic side effects that often accompany conventional medical treatment.”

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