Holistic Planning

“Holistic Financial Life Planning” is the active philosophy embracing the notion that nine different areas of our lives-familyhomecareercommunityleisurelearningspiritual, health and finances-are both interconnected and interdependent.

We believe that most people seek balance in life. At the same time, we all experience “life transitions.” One door of life opens, as another door closes. Through innovative self-assessments, combined with gentle, respectful and confidential conversation, we invite clients to explore the areas of their lives that they feel comfortable talking about.

Some people only want to talk about their finances and that is OK. Others want to explore ways in which their money can be a tool for positive influence in their families and communities. Some want to give all of their money away when they pass, while others don’t want their children to receive any inheritance because they believe people should work for what they have. There are many different philosophies and pathways with money.

With our method, support and guidance we can help you evaluate your existing financial resources and strategies and assess the assets you have in place to support your values, goals and objectives. If your resources, strategies and assets are sufficient to meet your goals, you have found reason to continue on the same path, with the same tools. But, if you discover that your resources, strategies and assets are not adequate, suggestions are offered through which you can establish greater alignment between the other eight areas of your life and your money.

Although people have some characteristics which are similar, each of us is different. We may have similar physical features, live in similar homes or neighborhoods, drive similar looking cars, be members of the same churches or synagogues, work at the same companies, and wear similarly looking clothes. Still, in the final analysis, each of us is unique with individual needs, perceptions and experiences. Our individualities are expressed, knowingly or unknowingly, with our money and the decisions we make from day to day in what to do with it.

Some are very sophisticated about money and feel very comfortable with their way of managing it. Others recognize their need for money but don’t know how to manage it wisely or make it grow safely. Still others are puzzled by and uncomfortable with money. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, only principles and natural consequences. These differences reflect the fact that each of us has a different “money personality.” Wherever you are on the spectrum of comfort and/or knowledge about money, we want you to know that we are here to help you. Among the services we enjoy offering our clients are ways to make the complex things about money simpler.