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From the Healers Who Share website we read: 

From the Healers Who Share website we read these introductory remarks:

“As the name implies, Healers Who Share is a group of natural healers who combine their knowledge and experience. We have focused our efforts around a group of remedies that have taken healing to the next step. Instead of using the traditional herbs, food, cleaning and exercise, we have found how to make “vibrational remedies” that remove the vibration of the cause of the symptom from the DNA. Once the block is removed, the body “heals” itself.

We routinely use remedies to remove inherited blocks so that the DNA can function as originally intended. Many so-called “incurable” diseases are incurable because the block is either not known or how to remove it is not known. We steadily increase findings of both what and how. So far, we have found that only vibrations dissolve the miasmic blocks, so we make vibrational remedies to remove blocks. Remarkably, once inherited blocks are removed, they never come back. That means the person will never have the disease again and children born from them after they have removed the blocks will also never have the disease at all. We do not have all the answers even though we are adding more answers every year.

Somewhere, deep inside our intuition, all of us know that our genes are not damaged as current science implies. They are just suppressed and waiting for the technology that will take away the suppression. Our system does take away the suppression and proves that thereafter the DNA functions the way God designed it. The DNA is not attacked, replaced or in any way changed, except to take away what has suppressed it. The original gene expression is much more capable than ever reported.”

Bob has used the Healers Who Share quantum vibrational water remedies and studied under the founder, David Alan Slater, for over 12 years. On a complimentary basis Bob acts as a facilitator for anyone who would like to deepen their healing with the Healers Who Share remedies and be introduced to a practitioner who does energetic assessments for the Healers Who Share quantum vibrational water remedies. .

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