Cranial Sacral Therapy

Bob has used the services of Deanna Castleberry who is a very versatile and gifted natural health practitioner. She is trained and experienced in multiple modalities, but her core modality is cranial sacral therapy.  Deanna shares the following from her website:  "It was the loss of my father, my mother, a divorce, financial uncertainty and multiple auto accidents that led me into CranioSacral Therapy. My physical pain from my accidents and my emotional pain from my divorce catalyzed my self-exploration.
CranioSacral Therapy helped me to get in touch with a deeper part of myself yet known to me
The concept of the Inner Physician, Inner Wisdom, Inner Knowing, Godself, Buddha Nature, whatever you want to call it, that place from within that seems to know more than I do, that place from within that speaks to the intelligence in my body and mind through my emotions and focused awareness by dropping into this incredible global stillness is profound.Transitioning from a heightened sense of pain and/or stress to relaxation and ease is the gift of an outcome this work offers.

Through the years, I have expanded my training into other modalities such as Zero Balancing, Manual Lymphatic Drainage/ Complete Decongestive Therapy, Reflexology, Shamanism, Sacred Anatomy Energy Medicine, Heart Centered Therapy, Theta Healing and Reiki.

However, CranioSacral Therapy remains the foundation of my work. Over the years I’ve integrated all the modalities into my own unique approach with CranioSacral Therapy as a basis and bringing in other modalities depending on each clients needs in the moment."

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy focusing on alleviating restrictions to physiological motion of all the bones of the skull, including the face and mouth, vertebral column, sacrum, coccyx with an emphasis on normalizing tension and stress patterns in the meningeal membranes and its fascial connections to the entire body. 

Additionally, enhancing the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid within its membrane compartment and balancing perceived related energy fields. 

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